Explore future device technologies now

To survive in highly competitive markets such as high-performance logic and memory, strategic leadership is mandatory. Well-founded decisions on which path to take can only be based on reliable predictive data.

Overcoming the limits of traditional TCAD

Traditional TCAD simulation software has already stopped being predictive for the past several technology nodes – a new paradigm is needed. Global TCAD Solutions has entered this new paradigm, which we call „physical device modeling“. From our models that are well founded in physics, you get dependable and predictive data. In addition, data is easily portable across technologies – to analyze, compare, and draw valid conclusions.

Paths to explore

Starting with the 5 nm node, new materials have started to replace silicon as channel material. It is still unclear which materials will power the 3 nm, 2 nm, and 1 nm generations of semiconductor devices. Because of its physically well-founded models, rich material database, and interface flexibility, Global TCAD Solutions software can help you predict and design the future varieties of electron devices.

Path-Finding for Silicon

High-Performance Logic and Memory


Beyond Silicon

III-V semiconductors, 2D materials, ferroelectrics