Create Devices from Templates, from Layouts, or from Scratch

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GTS Structure is an intuitive tool for definition and modification of device structures; its state-of-the art graphical user interface facilitates highly efficient use – a significant advantage over conventional solutions.

A Powerful Structure Generator and Editor

GTS Structure is first-choice for creating simple test devices as well as sophisticated real-world structures. Using the built-in 2D/3D CAD editor, devices can be either designed from scratch, or created/edited based on a comprehensive set of parametrized templates.

Alternatively, a module for Layout-based Structure Generation (LSG) capable of reading GDSII mask files can be used to generate device structure from layout using a matching technology rules file.

Furthermore, GTS Structure provides an intuitive meshing engine for creation of structured as well as unstructured meshes in two and three dimensions. It offers various manual and automatic mesh refinement options.

Device structures can be imported from other TCAD formats / 3rd-party process simulators as well. Structure quantities such as doping and material properties can be defined by analytical functions in the CAD editor, or can be imported from third-party device and geometry files.


Layout-based Structure Generation (LSG)

Screenshot: Layout-based structure generation - inverter created from a layout
Inverter cell created from layout (N7 FinFET technology)
  • Reading mask files
  • Customizable sets of technology rules
  • Geometric variability
  • Generate structures ready for 3D simulation
  • Multiple structures from same layout

Graphical Structure Editing

CAD Device Editor
  • 3D CAD editor for arbitrary device structures
  • Graphical geometry editor
  • Graphical doping editor
  • Extensive library of customizable device templates
  • Import from 3rd-party process simulators / file formats

Graphical Quantity Editing

  • Quantity editor using analytical expressions
  • Quantity interpolation from various input files

Advanced Meshing

3D unstructured mesh generation
  • Robust and easy-to-use meshing engine
  • Unstructured and structured meshes
  • Quantity-based multiple mesh refinement


  • Integration in GTS Framework
  • Intuitive and versatile graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive scripting interface

Versatility and Speed

Structure generation and preprocessing is an important prerequisite for accurate and effective device simulation. In order to be useful, a structure generator should provide for simple definition/import and modification of industry-relevant device structures. Generated mesh should reflect relevant structure characteristic and also be suitable for device simulation.

GTS Structure provides all those benefits and more. Avoiding the computationally intensive tasks of process simulation or emulation, which additionally require non-disclosed input from a foundry, it uses the fast LSG method to deliver realistic (and large) device structures with meshes optimized for device simulation.

For even more realistic structures, structure generation and LSG and can be enhanced with imported geometries, meshes, and attributes.

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