Research-based, European TCAD

GTS founders and key staff at ESSDERC

Global TCAD Solutions GmbH (GTS) is a leading European EDA / TCAD provider, founded in 2008 as a spin-off company of Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). GTS products and services are based on solid (internal as well as external) scientific research – leading the way to efficient, rapid development and optimization of tomorrow’s semiconductor devices and applications.

Mission: Predictions based on Physics

Our mission is to take the technological lead in the TCAD industry by making latest scientific research rapidly yet dependably available for industrial use. Relying on robust scientific work, both in-house as well as in cooperation with external partners, and on a team of highly experienced developers, we are determined to create the most revolutionary, efficient, yet easy-to-use TCAD solutions that money can buy.

Leadership Based on Expertise

With its staff of proficient scientists as well as experienced software developers, GTS has been leveraging scientific research right from the start. Knowing the underlying physics allows GTS to deal with (or even to focus on) effects that become relevant as technologies progress. Continuously integrating the respective models, GTS has been maintaing leadership with many features of its tools – assisting customers in creating and optimizing cutting-edge products more efficiently than ever.

Research Activities – Best Source for Dependable Innovation

As former scientific staff at the Institute for Microelectronics / TU Wien, GTS founders and most staff members are actively engaged in scientific research, with numerous relevant publications. GTS values its close relationship with research partners in industry as well as academia and takes an active part in several research projects. Relying on this strong and wide scientific background, GTS is determined to maintain its leading position in TCAD for years to come.

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