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To get an impression of GTS Framework, or to run simple simulations for educatoinal purposes, you are welcome to run GTS Framework online within our MyGTS service, using Java technology.

Please Note:

  1. This is a very limited version of GTS Framework, lacking many new features.
  2. SimulateOnline login*:
    • In the Login dialog, please use your password from our old web site.
    • If you have signed up for MyGTS recently, please contact us for access to SimulateOnline.

(* We are working to improve this, and apologize for the inconvenience.)

Start SimulateOnline

Content, Features

  • Using the anonymous showcase login, you can open tutorials and examples with the real tools.
  • Having an online simulation account, you can create your own working copies of the supplied examples to modify and experiment with, you can create your own devices and run simulations on them.


SimulateOnline runs on most Windows and Linux systems and uses Java Web Start.
Mac OS is currently not supported.

The key prerequisite is Java, preferably the most current version. Chances are that it is already installed on your system – if not, please get Java from

Fair Use, Terms and Conditions

Offering free accounts means we share our products and resources – in return, we ask users of free accounts to share their online projects. Hence, by using a free account, you agree that we can use and publish your data.

For additional features, we recommend to upgrade your account – please contact us.

The GTS Terms and Conditions apply, as well as our privacy policy and the EULA.

Other Resources within MyGTS

To access all other resources (like downloading software, tutorials, application examples etc.), please use your current MyGTS credentials, or sign up for MyGTS here.

Want to learn more?

Please check the examples, tutorials, publications and further information in the Related column.
For specific inquiries, please contact us.