Who Else Than Leaders have Unique Requirements

Custom Solutions

Global TCAD Solutions offers a wide range of custom software development and extensions to existing tools. Thanks to the modular structure of GTS Framework and GTS tools, we have a broad and solid base to quickly implement a variety of outstanding workflows for TCAD-related challenges.

Besides, relying on the expertise of our scientific staff as well as our developers and engineers, we can design and implement very specific solutions that go far beyond.

Specific Physical Models

Within our simulators, typical extensions are the implementation of specific physical models, such as generation/recombination, carrier mobility, contact models, and much more. Furthermore, we offer the extension of our material database – either semiconductor, conductor, or insulator – including all relevant data for your simulations. The detailed calibration to your measurement data can be supported by our engineers.

Integrating Existing Software in GTS Framework

For the biggest benefit, we can implement an optimal tool flow tailored to your demands, integrating your existing software in GTS Framework. For example, this can be done by creating custom interfaces and compatibility layers as well as enhancements supporting customer-specific data formats. Within the optimization module, we offer the inclusion of optimization algorithms especially adapted to the needs of your applications. Interfaces such as to the company measurement database or process data systems can be developed according to your demands.

Integrating in Third-Party Solutions

On the other hand, we can also integrate GTS tools into third-party software. This can be very valuable for bridging gaps in your tool flow, for example automating steps that otherwise require a lot of tedious manual work and/or cause costs due to sub-optimal results.

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