Leverage latest scientific models to optimize devices

In the field of Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) simulation software is used for development and optimization of semiconductor device structures. In order to provide accurate simulation results for a wide range of device technologies based on various material systems, a physics-based approach using the best models is employed.

Know your device, even before going to fabrication

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is probably one of the main reasons for using simulation tools, but the fields of application are wide: Due to their predictive character, TCAD tools are present all over a device technology’s lifetime. They are used to explore novel structures for the rapid and cost effective development of upcoming devices, even without expensive and time consuming wafer runs. Later on, Design of Experiment (DoE) and optimization strategies are deployed in order to characterize and optimize the fabrication processes. Finally, mass production is facilitated by improvements of the parametric yield.

GTS tools

GTS Framework provides you with a suite of invaluable tools all along a semiconductor technology’s lifetime. Specializing in nanotechnology, GTS application engineers are skilled in usage of those tools for analysis, development and optimization of the most advanced electron devices. This knowledge and experience is put back into tool development and can also be used for construction of new TCAD flows.

What Can TCAD Do for Your Application?

Memory: V-NAND, DRAM


CMOS Image Sensors


Power Devices, Analog, RF