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IEDM Paper on Vertically Stacked Nanowire MOSFETs:

  • Topography, Reliability, Variability of Vertically
    Stacked NW MOSFETS for Sub-10 nm Nodes

GTS Nano Device Simulator

  • True predictive physical simulation
  • Nano devices, new materials & architectures
  • The suite for Path-Finding TCAD

Reliability Analysis

  • Atomistic traps and dopants
  • Statistical reliability analysis
  • Modeling BTI and hot-carrier degradation

TCAD from Grid to Cloud

  • Cloud versus SGE and LSF
  • Hybrid system to combine benefits of both
  • DOE, optimization, inverse modeling

Boost Your Productivity

  • Most intuitive graphical user interface
  • Easy setup of complex simulation tasks
  • Get started with step-by-step tutorials

Next-Generation EDA / TCAD Solutions

Welcome to GTS, a TCAD specialist providing powerful and sophisticated yet easy-to-use and cost-effective software for device and circuit simulation, as well as TCAD services.

Physics-Based Device Simulation

With a history of innovations, and unique features implemented in GTS Framework, GTS is the leading expert in physical device simulation. That means, we provide efficient yet scientifically sound tools for making the right decisions in device design and optimization. Essential for path-finding, and a solid base for all other TCAD applications.

Classical and Quantum-Mechanical Device Simulation

Based on in-house scientific research as well as cooperation, GTS is quick to introduce new approaches to the TCAD market. While we are very active in academic discourse and research projects, we put emphasis on efficiency and dependability of our released products in industrial production. Next to computational efficiency, we are convinced that a consistent and intuitive user interface increases productivity, saving our client's most valuable resources.

With GTS Framework, you get:

Current topics in device simulation - variability, reliability, non-planar devices, schroedinger-poisson simulation, schrodinger, schrödinger, poisson,
Hot Topics: Variability, Reliability, FinFETs,...

Full-featured, efficient-to-use 3D TCAD Solution

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  • Educational discounts
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  • First-hand services and support

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