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We use GTS Framework and Minimos-NT for our R&D work of CMOS FEOL process. The GUI based software, including 3D device editor, is easy to use for all the engineers. Minimos-NT is robust and fast for the device simulations. Moreover, the GTS team is very active to develop / include state-of-the-art models, such as reliability models. I think GTS Framework is a flexible and cost-effective TCAD solution.

Dr. Shinya Yamakawa, Senior Research Engineer
Sony Corporation

TCAD can be a very time-consuming task. A lot of analog designers refrain from using it because of the time and knowledge necessary to get started. With the GTS Framework and its sophisticated user interface we could investigate a complex ESD related issue within several days. Based upon included examples the two-dimensional structure could be created within half a day. This without previous knowledge on the tools. Simulations were set-up with the intuitive GUI and the results could be analyzed directly within the Framework.

Support from Global TCAD Solutions was very responsive. I could directly talk to a knowledgeable engineer who understood and solved our issues within minutes.

Dr. Robert Entner, Senior Analog Design Engineer
NXP Semiconductors

GTS Framework has a nice user interface that made it easy to create our complex silicon structures.  The Minimos simulator interface is very flexible and shows all parameter options. We used the tool to perform heavy ion particle simulations. GTS provided a very useful example of a heavy ion simulation that helped us build our radiation simulation environment. The detailed documentation is very good, but when I did have a question, the support I received from everyone at GTS was outstanding.

Doug McKenney, Director of ASIC Engineering
Trusted Semiconductor Solutions

Besides our development work on the core features of VSP carried out in my group, we are using GTS Framework as a versatile working environment for VSP and MINIMOS. The efficient and easy-to-use capabilities for editing 3D nano structures as well as viewing and analyzing simulation results make GTS Framework a useful and time-saving tool-set.

We employ the web version in lab courses on classical device simulation for bachelor students and on quantum device simulation for master students. The integrated tutorials and examples help our students getting started quickly.

Dr. Hans Kosina, Institute for Microelectronics
Vienna University of Technology