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Markus Karner, CEO

Markus Karner

Markus Karner毕业于维也纳工业大学电子工程学系。2004年11月入微电子学系,求学其间参加多项欧州与其他国家级的计画。在学期间曾研究关于光学器件的建模与模拟,此外也研究器件量子校应模拟。2007年7月起,正式成为Global TCAD Solutions公司的领导人。

Christian Kernstock, CDO

Christian Kernstock

Christian Kernstock 是Global TCAD Solutions公司共同创始人之一。其毕业于维也纳工业大学电子工程学系。在软件的科学计算中,负责维护结构、网格的产生与视觉化。目前担任Global TCAD Solutions公司的技术长。

Zlatan Stanojević, CTO

Zlatan Stanojević, CTO

Zlatan Stanojević studied at the Vienna University of Technology where he received his MSc and PhD degrees in Microelectronics in 2009 and 2016, respectively. His research interests include semi-classical modeling of carrier transport as well as thermoelectric and optical effects in low-dimensional structures. As CTO of Global TCAD Solutions, Zlatan Stanojević supervises GTS's R&D activities.

Hui-Wen Karner, CR Asia

Hui-Wen Karner, CR Asia

Hui‐Wen Karner received her PhD degree from National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Her research interests include modeling and simulation of field emission by surface conduction electron-emitter displays as well as nano‐scale CMOS technology. She is senior researcher at GTS, working on the research project NeGFQTs. She also manages customer relations in Taiwan and China.

Oskar Baumgartner, Senior Scientist

Oskar Baumgartner, Senior Scientist

Oskar Baumgartner studied at TU Wien, where he received the BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2005 and the Diplomingenieur degree in Microelectronics in January 2007. He joined the Institute for Microelectronics, where he was working as research assistant. From 2013 he collaborated with GTS in the project NeGFQTS. In 2015, Oskar joined GTS as senior researcher in the R&D department. His scientific interests include modeling and simulation of quantum transport in optical and nanoelectronic devices.

Franz Schanovsky, Senior Scientist

Oliver Triebl

Oliver Triebl 毕业于维也纳公业大学电子工程学系。2005入微电子学系,并曾参加Christian Doppler Laboratory的微电子部门。在学期间研究高电压器件的可靠度,智慧型功率器件,離子衝撞游離现象。目前担任Global TCAD Solutions公司的工程师。

Philipp Prause, UI and graphic designer

Philipp Prause

Philipp Prause毕业于维也纳工业大学电子工程学系。目前担任Global TCAD Solutions公司的網頁/介面設計工程师。