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New Christian Doppler Lab on “single defect spectroscopy in semiconductor devices”

In the new CD Laboratory at the TU Wien, Infineon Technologies AG, ams AG and Global TCAD Solutions GmbH are working together on understanding the physics of gate oxide reliability in semiconductor devices.

representatives of CDG, Infineon AG, ams AG, TUW, Global TCAD Solutions GmbH

Markus Karner, CEO- Global TCAD Solutions

opening ceremony CD laboratory

Life span and performance of current transistors are determined by single electrically active defects in the atomic structure of the material. Such defects are unavoidable in production and additional ones emerge at device operation.

Our research in this CD laboratory focuses on the impact of single defects on the characteristics and degradation of silicon carbide transistors (which are used in high voltage devices) and ultra-low-noise silicon transistors (used in analog amplification circuits). The results will significantly contribute to advancing performance and reliability of future technologies.

As TCAD software vendor, GTS’s focus is on reliability model development based on the understanding of single defect physics. Input data are provided from TU Wien by atomistic simulations as well as actual hardware samples provided by Infineon Technologies Austria AG and ams AG. GTS simulations will contribute stress-dependent reliability simulation results including time-zero as well as time-dependent variability data (statistical device degradation). The newly developed models will be applied and tested by Infineon Technologies and ams AG. Together with all partners, GTS will work towards a physics-based reliability modeling framework to enable a reliability aware design flow for silicon and silicon carbide technologies.

About Global TCAD Solutions:

Global TCAD Solutions (GTS) was founded as a spin-off company of TU Wien (TUW). Our mission is to close the gap between cutting-edge scientific developments and industrial needs in semiconductor device engineering. GTS offers individual TCAD solutions based on the latest scientific research. Our customers benefit from a full range of products and services, including software licensing, customization of simulation products to special needs or implementation of bespoke software, as well as TCAD consulting and entire outsourced simulation studies. The products currently comprise versatile TCAD tools embedded in an easy-to-use and powerful framework tailored to the daily needs of device engineers.

About Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG):

The Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) is considered a pioneer in Austria for successful collaborations between science and the private sector. For 25 years, CD Laboratories have opened the door for cooperation partners to perform application-oriented basic research of mutual benefit for companies and science. The Christian Doppler Research Association, funds application-oriented basic research and gives companies effective access to new knowledge and operates as the interface between business and science

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(left to right): Prof. Reinhart Kögerler - President Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft, Dr. Sabine Herlitschka - CEO Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Dr. Verena Vescoli - Senior Vice President R&D ams AG, Dr. Michael Waltl - Leader of the Christian Doppler Lab, Institute for Microelectronics, TUW; Prof. Johannes Fröhlich, Vice Rector for Research, TUW; Dr. Siegfried Selberherr - Deputy Head of Institute for Microelectronics, TUW; Dr. Tibor Grasser - Head of Institute for Microelectronics, TUW

Photos: Copyright Institute for Microelectronics/TU Wien