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Predictions based on Physics


This example demonstrates the simulation of SiC devices on the example of a MESFET.

ToolFolder 001 contains the GTS Structure device with a silicon carbide device on silicon bulk. In ToolFolders 002 and 003, I/V characteristics have been simulated with and without the influence of self heating, respectively. The detrimental effect of higher channel temperatures to the carrier mobility and thus output current is illustrated below. ToolFolder 004 comprises the control characteristics of the transistor at different Source-Drain bias voltages. For visualization, an additional GTS Vision ToolFolder 005 has been added.

This example was created using GTS Framework Release 2016.09. Other releases might need adjustments or have slightly different user interfaces.

Control characteristics.
Output characteristics with and without self-heating.
Electrostatic potential in on-state with self-heating considered.
Corresponding lattice temperature in on-state.