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GTS Job Server

Even with highly efficient simulators, device or circuit simulation can be computationally demanding.

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Your Choice for Optimization, Variability and Reliability Analysis

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GTS Job Server is specifically designed to schedule and run simulation jobs which include optimization, variability or reliability analysis. Controlled by the DOE or Optimizer module of GTS Framework, and leveraging GTS SmartCluster technology, the server splits simulation jobs for optimal load distribution to the hosts in the network. Depending on the kind of job and the number of connected hosts, complex simulation jobs can be run in a fraction of the time compared to a single-host environment.

Getting the Most From Your Hardware

Even for standard simulation jobs, using GTS Job Server provides several benefits: You can run simulations on the best machine currently available on your network, and the workstations are freed up (or can even be disconnected) while the jobs are running. Simulation results can be retrieved at a later time, even from a different PC.

Scaling Out to the Cloud

Optionally, GTS JobServer's SmartCluster concept can use cloud resources in a hybrid setup to compensate load peaks on a local grid system — see hot topic From Grid to Cloud

Features and benefits

  • Job queuing and task scheduling in a standard TCP/IP network
  • SmartCluster: Automatic optimization of resource assignment
    (based on task type, availability of hosts and number of CPU cores, etc.)
  • Fully automatic distribution of task input data and collection of results
  • Access to data while job is still running (f.i. to preview results), full job control
  • Use most capable machines for simulations / free up user workstations
  • Integrated in GTS Framework
  • Easy setup on Windows / Linux environments (also mixed setups),
    no third-party software required
  • Optionally uses SGE (Sun Grid Engine) or LSF (Load Sharing Facility) grids
  • Optionally uses popular cloud resources


GTS JobServer is available as a license option in GTS Framework — please ask for a quotation.