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Predictions based on Physics

Getting Started I

We recommend to read at least the first 6 pages of this tutorial, which will make you familiar with the basic concepts of GTS Framework and how to use our tutorials. Then, read on to run a few simulations.

Using GTS Tutorials and Application Examples

GTS tutorials generally consist of (a) a written description (printed or PDF) and (b) a GTS project containing all files necessary to reproduce the described simulations as well as the respective results. (In fact, the project also contains the PDF for reference.)
The written description is intended as a guide while working through the project hands-on in GTS Framework. Having created a working copy of a tutorial project, you can create folders in the project step by step, next to the GTS-supplied tutorial folders – and you can always compare, or even use these folders for subsequent steps. The next few screens briefly explain this principle, as a prerequisite for starting with the first example in the next chapter.

Besides the tutorials, GTS also provides application examples, which are awailable as projects in GTS Framework, too.

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