Global TCAD Solutions

Predictions based on Physics

DOE, Optimizer, PostProcessing

DOE & Optimization

DOE and Optimization are implemented in the Scripting tool, which runs on the GTS Jobserver. Thus, the first chapter shows how to easily start a GTS Jobserver from the graphical user interface.

The second chapter will show how to design a very basic experiment for varying a structure parameter like the threshold dopant, which results in a shifted CV curve.

The third chapter will use the optimizer for parameter fitting. Exemplarily, two structure parameters will be used to fit to a measured CV curve.The forth chapter illustrates the usage of the post-processing tool to show the influence of a device parameter to specific figures of merit of a MOSFET, such as Vth, ION, IOFF, and the sub-threshold slope.

It is assumed that you are already familiar with GTS Framework and the idea of projects and ToolFolders, as explained in the Getting Started tutorial.

This tutorial was created using GTS Framework Release 2014.09. Other releases might need adjustments or have slightly different user interfaces.