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Expanding Your TCAD Simulations: Grid and Cloud Computing

Expanding TCAD Simulations from Grid to Cloud

Cloud technologies offer greater flexibility than traditional grid-based systems.
Get the best of both worlds with GTS' hybrid approach integrated in GTS JobServer.

Device & Circuit Variability

Variability - random dopant fluctuation, atomistic traps and dopants, line edge roughness

Analyze the impact of variations such as random discrete dopants (RDD), metal grain roughness (MGR), line edge roughness (LER), etc. on device and circuit level, in order to reduce variability and increase yield.

BTI Reliability / Degradation

Reliability modeling - NMP model, NBTI

Profound understanding of degradation physics is key to optimizing reliability in your technology. With the latest NMP model, Minimos-NT allows accurate simulation of bias temperature instability (NBTI, PBTI).