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Predictions based on Physics

Variability Simulation

This tutorial demonstrates calculation of the fluctuations in the electrical characteristic due to random discrete dopants (RDD) and metal grain roughness (MGR).

This tutorial was created using GTS Framework Release 2011. Other releases might need adjustments or have slightly different user interfaces.

First, the nominal case is simulated.

Second, the configuration of variability source RDD and MGR is explained.
Also, the configuration of job-server and job-host for scripting and job distribution is shown in the a following step.

Finally, the post-processing functions are applied to extract device parameter like threshold-voltage, sub-threshold slop, etc. including mean values and standard deviation.

Warning: In order to keep simulation time short, only a small number of cases is simulated in this tutorial. In order to get significant results, typically a large number of cases (>100) is required.