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Predictions based on Physics

SHE Simulation

This tutorial demonstrates usage of VSHE by example of the simulation of a 50 nm nMOS transistor.

The transistor is configured in toolfolder 001. Based on a self-consistent drift-diffusion simulation with Minimos-NT (002), a SHE simulation is performed in toolfolder 003. Density of states (DOS) and electron distribution function (EDF) are displayed.

Please keep in mind that VSHE is based on the Vienna SHE project which is currently under heavy development. Currently, it is at an early stage and hence considered experimental.

It is assumed that you are already familiar with GTS Framework and the idea of projects and ToolFolders, as explained in the Getting Started tutorial.

This tutorial was created using GTS Framework 2013. Other releases might need adjustments or have slightly different user interfaces.