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GTS TCAD Framework provides leading-edge TCAD tools with the latest physical models at unprecedented ease of use. The below resources illustrate the capabilities of GTS Framework and some applications:

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Hot Topics & Applications

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GTS is addressing key topics in current and future device design and DFM, such as variability (due to MGR, LER, RDD, OTV, etc.), reliability, and simulation of nano-sized device features. GTS is pioneering in the field of Schroedinger Poisson Simulation.

Our Hot Topics and Applications page has more.

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Examples and Tutorials – Showcase

Our Example Gallery shows brief descriptions of typical TCAD use cases – to illustrate and inspire.

The Introductory Tutorials section contains step-by-step instructions on carrying out typical TCAD tasks. Use them for getting familiar with GTS Framework, and for getting results even faster.

The Application Tutorials illustrate selected TCAD applications and how easily the respective tasks can be carried using GTS Framework.

Examples and tutorials range from entry-level to advanced, as indicated by 1, 2 or 3 graduation caps.