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2D Visualization
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Device Visualization & Graph Plotting

GTS Vision is a multi-dimensinal device visualization and graph plotting tool. As an integral part of the framework, the tool can be used for instantly viewing simulation results.

GTS Vision allows visualization of 1D/2D/3D device structures, displaying geometry and doping profile. Simulation data, of both vector or scalar type, can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as color-slice, iso-surface or vector representation.
A curve plotting module allows to display the desired quantities using various line styles, symbols and colors.

Quickly get Meaningful Images

GTS Vision allows for creation of data plots of groundbreaking clarity by most intuitive user interaction. Thus, GTS Vision helps engineers in quickly interpreting simulation results and generating meaningful reports in less time.

Key Benefits

Device Visualization

  • Geometry, mesh, and segments
  • Scalar and vector quantities
  • Point defects (traps, dopants)
  • Cross-sections (cut planes) and cut lines
  • Various color scales and display modes (surface, iso face, vector,...) with appealing rendering
  • Unstructured and structured meshes
  • Export images and movies

Curve Plotting

  • Post-processing (Ion, Ioff, Vth, custom functions)
  • Import / export of measurement and simulation data

Integrated in GTS Framework

  • Intuitive and versatile graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive scripting interface
  • Available for Windows and Linux platforms


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