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Hierarchical user interface (Base setup, details, IPD file)
Hierarchical user interface: Basic setup / details / IPD file
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GTS Framework is the homogeneous base environment for our products.

It provides an easy-to-use common workspace, facilitaes structured data storage, improves work flow, and provides a consistent user interface for all embedded tools.

Hierarchical User Interface

For simulators, the SmartConfig user interface features configuration at three levels:

  1. The standard interface (nice view) auto-generates ready-to-run default configurations and conveniently presents the most important parameters.
  2. The details view provides access to all detailed settings in a configuration tree, assisting the user with default values, automatic unit conversion, and information per item.
  3. Advanced users can directly edit the human-readable configuration (IPD) files and use scripting to dynamically modify tool configuration.


Additional modules are available, delivering extended features, such as an elaborate material database and I/O links to major file formats used in TCAD environments.

Key Benefits

  • Unprecedented ease of use:
    Consistent graphical framework embedding all GTS tools
  • SmartConfig user interface: Nice view - details - text file (IPD)
  • Simulation flow management for complex analysis tasks
  • Structured file management for a streamlined workflow using projects and toolfolders
  • Remote project storage / data sharing in workgroups
  • Remote execution of simulation jobs / distributed computing
  • Publication of results on the internet (including full-featured 3D visualization)
  • Support of common data formats
  • Elaborate introduction tutorials and examples
  • Available for Windows and Linux platforms


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