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GTS provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools for semiconductor device simulation and circuit simulation, which includes structure generation, automatic griding, simulation, evaluation/visualization and statistic analysis.

Included simulators, such as the device and circuit simulator Minimos-NT and the quantum-mechanical Schrödinger-Poisson solver VSP are based on a long history of scientific research at GTS as well as the Institute for Microelectronics (Vienna University of Technology); they are continuously enhanced in close collaboration with the institute.

All GTS tools are embedded in our easy-to-use TCAD Framework, which also provides distributed computing on local networks and/or public clouds. Due to its modular concept, the GTS Framework can be tailored to special requirements (see Services).

GTS TCAD Framework and Main Tools

GTS Framework Base for all GTS tools; homogeneous working environment, providing optimized work flow and structured data storage
Nano-Device Simulator Suite for physical simulation of nano-devices including profound predictive simulation for new materials and device architectures
Cell Designer GTS Cell Designer allows to create simulation-ready 3D cells from layouts and technology descriptions

2D and 3D general-purpose quantum mechanical device simulator, based on solving the Schrödinger / Poisson equations

Minimos-NT 2D and 3D general-purpose classical semiconductor device and circuit simulator
GTS Structure Tool for generating 2D and 3D device structures, including geometry editor, doping editor, automated meshing, and device templates
GTS Vision Multidimensional visualization and evaluation tool, for examining device structures and simulation results
GTS JobServer

Facilitates grid and cloud computing of simulation jobs (job management and optimization, data collection, project storage)

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