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IWCE 2015 (West Lafayette): Focus on III/V Materials

GTS Poster Session: New Computational Perspectives on Scattering and Transport in III/V Channel Materials

InGaAs FinFET: Electron concentration, transconductance curve, electron mobility vs. inversion density in the fin, transfer characteristic

Building on GTS's expertise in physics-based modeling, GTS scientist and CTO Z. Stanojević presents a new and efficient way of simulating novel III/V-based non-planar transistor architectures. The solution built into GTS Framework is based on physical modeling of electronic structure, scattering, and transport. The combination with GTS's 3D device simulator Minimos-NT allows to leverage the benefits of physical modeling for the simulation of entire devices.

Non-Planar InGaAs Channel

By example of an InGaAs channel, transconductance curve, electron mobility and transfer characteristic are calculated, including sub-threshold slope and DIBL. The electronic structure is modeled using an anisotropic effective mass Hamiltonian with non-parabolic correction. Transport is modeled on top of the subband structure using the linearized Boltzmann-transport-equation (LBTE). The most important scattering mechanism in III/V materials is polar-optical phonon scattering; the Fröhlich-Hamiltonian is extended by treating the electrostatic Green's function numerically.

IWCE 2015

The 18th International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE 2015) takes place in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, September 2-4, 2015.

For details on IWCE 2015 and the program, please visit the IWCE web site.