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IWCE: Fast Methods for Full-Band Mobility Calculation

Scientists from VUT, contributing to VSP, present an accurate and computationally efficient method for calculating channel low-field mobilities for a numeric band structure from a k·p model

Warped Structure of Valence Bands and Orientation-Dependent Kinetic Behavior of Holes and Electrons

Talk by Z. Stanojevic on Wed. June 4, 17:15

Accurate band structure modeling is an essential ingredient in mobility modeling for any kind of semiconductor device or channel. This is particularly true for holes as the valence band of the most commonly used semiconductor materials is not even close to being parabolic. Instead, valence bands exhibit warped structures that simply cannot be approximated with parabolic valleys. To make matters worse, nanostructured channels can have large quantization energies resulting in complex, highly orientation-dependent kinetic behavior of both holes and electrons*.

Computational Efficiency

Every step in the process is parallelized with close-to-linear scalability. The resulting performance boost makes full-band mobility modeling reachable for production use in industry.

Available in GTS Framework 2014.03

The entire workflow is implemented within VSP (Vienna Schrödinger-Poisson), which is available as a part of GTS Framework 2014.03.


17th IWCE 2014, June 3-6, Paris, France
Talk by Z. Stanojevic: oral 16, Wednesday, June 4, 17:15-17:30

* N. Neophytou et al., Solid-State Electronics 70, 81 (2012)

Authors: Z. Stanojevic, L. Filipovic, O. Baumgartner, and H. Kosina, Vienna University of Technology