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IMEC Course: Advanced TCAD for sub-N7 FinFETs & Nanowires

GTS giving course at IMEC academy on march 29-30, 2017.Included is a hands-on session with multiple topics in the field of advanced CMOS simulation.

Topics to choose from in the Hands-On session

Path-Finding and industrial application of current technology nodes demand in-depth understanding of device physics and sound predictions. Using the most sophisticated models does not have to be difficult. Attending this course, you will learn how easy it is to investigate all the key aspects of state-of-the-art devices like FinFETs and nanowires, using GTS Framework / Nano Device Simulator.

For a guided hands-on session, attendants can choose from these topics:

  • Variability: RDD, MGG, LER – Statistical device & circuit analysis
  • Reliability: BTI, HCD Radiation effects (SET, SEU, TID)
  • FinFET mobility calculation – Cross-section, orientation, strain
  • Nanowires: Physical simulation – Short-channel, stacked NW, sub-N7
  • Logic Cell Analysis in TCAD – Mixed mode, compact model extraction
  • Mechanical Stress: Strain-relaxed buffer, raised S/D

For further information, please see IMEC Academy Course 2017.