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GTS@IEEE-ICEE in Bangalore – invited talk by Zlatan Stanojević

Zlatan Stanojević, CTO of Global TCAD Solutions, will hold a talk on "Innovation in TCAD from a Start-Up Perspective" in the Modelling and Simulation session, at 15:15 on Dec. 18th, 2018.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) has made large scale integration in electronics possible. The Technology Computer Assisted Design (TCAD) branch of EDA models fabrication processes and device performance, and as such helps guide the technology development process. EDA/TCAD tools have become the bread and butter in the development of technologies and circuits, and, with increasing development costs, are more and more relied upon to give accurate predictions on power, performance, area, cost, and reliability. EDA/TCAD tools are thus essential to keep development cost and, consequently, unit costs low. The demands for industrial TCAD software are high: tools need to be predictive, versatile w.r.t. application, numerically robust and fast. Design-technology co-optimization (DTCO) has emerged as the new TCAD application paradigm which aims to connect equipment, process, device, and circuit simulation in a common work-flow.

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