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Join our event at VLSI-TSA: DTCO for Advanced Nodes

Towards Physics-based DTCO for N7 and sub-N7 Technologies

Meet our CEO Markus Karner and Senior Scientist 鄭惠文 and discuss our new approach to physics-based DTCO for performance of advanced technology nodes with GTS Framework.

Join us for a talk at Hsinchu

• Discuss the future applications of TCAD for advanced nodes
• From TCAD to system level approach
• Physical device simulation
• Full logic cell analysis
• Design-Technology-Co-Optimization (DTCO) flow
• Reliability and variability assessment

Discuss in a relaxed atmosphere, with snacks and beverages

Between the talks, we are looking forward to discussing your ideas and requirements for research and development.

Win up to 1,3kg extra-size high-power wafers! ;-)

Wafers to win in our raffle
There will be a raffle to win fine wafers from Vienna, Austria:
We will actually be giving away traditional "Manner" hazelnut wafers in units of 400g, 600g and 1.3 kg – enough to study edge roughness and (hazelnut) grain granularity with your fellow researchers ;-) .


Time and Location

When: Wed April 26th, 6:30pm (doors open 6pm)
Where: Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Mezzanine AB

Please register at events(at) .

      – Looking forward seeing you at Hsinchu!