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IMEC Course: Advanced TCAD for sub-N7 FinFETs and Nanowire Transistors

GTS is proud to announce this 2-day workshop at IMEC academy:

Path-Finding and industrial application of current technology nodes demand in-depth understanding of device physics and sound predictions. Using the most sophisticated models does not have to be difficult. Attending this course, you will learn how easy it is to investigate all the key aspects of state-of-the-art devices like FinFETs and nanowires, using GTS Framework / Nano Device Simulator.

Course description – Advanced TCAD for sub-N7 FinFETs and Nanowire Transistors

The course, held at IMEC academy, starts with an overview of the tools and installation. The hands-on tutorial "Getting Started" demonstrates basic tool usage on simple examples. We will show the preparation of device structures including analytical doping de nitions for TCAD simulations. Attendants will set up and run a DOE (design of experiment) simulation from structure generation to transport simulation and post-processing.

On day 2, attendants are invited to a guided practice to solve state-of-the- art TCAD device simulation problems. We will take a closer look at the application suite GTS Nano Device Simulator and perform mobility calculations and transport simulations of FinFET and nanowire devices. Furthermore, participants will gain experience on selected applications such as variability studies (random dopant  uctuations, line edge roughness, ...) and reliability analysis (bias temperature instability).

Who should attend

This course addresses TCAD engineers from academia as well as industry interested in accurate simulation of advanced CMOS and memory devices.


As former scienti c staff at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), the presenters are actively engaged in scientific research, maintaining a close relationship to the university. Participating in national and international research projects, the GTS team is proud to name institutions such as IMEC as its partners. Relying on this strong scientific background, GTS is able to create unique products and services, with special expertise in advanced TCAD for nano-devices.

Date, Location

March 29-30, 2017, IMEC Belgium


Day 1, am: Talk

  • Introduction, overview of the tools
  • Preview: Application examples (nanowires and FinFETs)

Day 1, pm: Hands-On Session

  • Getting started with GTS Framework
  • Creating Devices: Structure Generation, Doping Definition
  • Basic Device Simulation
  • Design of experiment (DOE), Optimization, Fitting

Day 2, am: Talk, Hands-On Session

  • Advanced Transport Simulation: Introducing GTS Nano Device Simulator

Day 2, pm: Choose Your Topic

  • Guided hands-on session, choose from these topics:
    Variability: RDD, MGG, LER – Statistical device & circuit analysis
    Reliability: BTI, HCD Radiation effects (SET, SEU, TID)
    FinFET mobility calculation – Cross-section, orientation, strain
    Nanowires: Physical simulation – Short-channel, stacked NW, sub-N7
    Logic Cell Analysis in TCAD – Mixed mode, compact model extraction
    Mechanical Stress: Strain-relaxed buffer, raised S/D
  • Closing discussion

We are looking forward to your attendance and discussing your ideas!

Contact: Oskar Baumgartner