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On ESSDERC 2015, complementary to Z. Stanojević's lecture talk Predictive Physical Simulation of III/V Quantum-Well MISFETs for Logic Applications, GTS will organize a device simulation workshop with speakers Ben Kaczer (IMEC), Hans Kosina (IuE, TU-Wien), and Erich Wimmer (Materials Design).

Gate stack model (behind) and transfer characteristics, DIBL (front)

Workshop on Friday Sept. 18, 2015

Culminating in a live demonstration, this workshop discusses latest models and techniques for achieving new levels of detail in semiconductor device simulation. The used simulation tools provide excellent accordance with measured data as well as unprecedented insight in underlying physical phenomena.

Background and Details

50 years after the inception of Moore's Law, industry is facing ever increasing hurdles on the roadmap to produce devices which perform better and consume less power. The challenges in introduction of new technology nodes pose great risks to manufacturers, and there is always more than one possible way to proceed.

Selecting apt models and tools is becoming increasingly important to efficiently gain profound data for making good decisions in device design and optimization. Especially for new technologies and nano-scaled devices, additional physical phenomena, such as quantum effects, need to be considered for meaningful analysis.

In this workshop, a methodological hierarchy of tools will be presented – ranging from atomistic models up to extraction of device parameters and optional circuit simulation, which consistently yields results well-founded in physics.

Emerging device concepts will be covered, demonstrating how the chosen approach can help assess the risks involved in the introduction of new technologies. Depending on the audience’s priorities, a mixed-mode device and circuit simulation can be carried out with the generated data at the end of the live demonstration.

Workshop Program

Friday September 18, 2015 14:00 – 17:30 CEST (UTC+2)
Inffeldgasse 25 D / first floor,
room 3

14:00   Extracting materials properties for semiconductor device simulation from ab-initio and atomistic simulation

Erich Wimmer, Materials Design s.a.r.l. (France)

14:30   Blessing or curse: dissipative quantum transport in nano-scale devices

Hans Kosina, TU-Wien, Institute for Microelectronics (Austria)

15:00   Just enough quantum – combining semi-classical and quantum-mechanical models for fast and predictive device simulation

Zlatan Stanojević, Global TCAD Solutions GmbH (Austria)

15:30   Modeling reliability under variability in nano-scale devices

Ben Kaczer, IMEC (Belgium)

16:00   Coffee break

16:30   Predictive simulation in action: * live demonstration *

Erich Wimmer, Volker Eyert, Zlatan Stanojević, Markus Karner

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Workshop Slides

Slides to ESSDERC 2015 workshop From Atom to Transistor (Kosina Kaczer Stanojevic Wimmer Eyert)
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