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History of Innovations to the TCAD market by GTS

Actively involved in scientific research, GTS experts are constantly pushing the limits of TCAD, especially in the field of physics-based device simulation and nano devices. GTS scientists have written more than 150 relevant publications for SISPAD, IWCE, ULIS, EUROSOI, ESSDERC, SNW, ECS, DRC, IEDM, J. Comput. Electron., Solid State Electronics, etc.

TCAD innovations first introduced by GTS:

  • Efficient energy integration for quantum transport (Nanotech 2007)
  • Anisotropic discretization for effective mass & k•p Hamiltonians (SISPAD 2011)
  • Surface-roughness scattering model for non-planar channels (SNW 2013, SISPAD 2013)
  • Efficient QTBM in irregular geometries/meshes (SISPAD 2013)
  • Full scattering operator representation in k-space with least theoretically possible memory overhead (ECMI 2014, IWCE 2014, SISPAD 2014)
  • Linearized BTE for low-field transport simulation (SISPAD 2014, SNW 2014, SSE 2015)
  • Coupling microscopic transport to device simulation (SNW 2015)
  • Geometry-aware polar-optical/remote phonon scattering (IWCE 2015, ESSDERC 2015)
  • Coupling tunneling transport to device simulation (SISPAD 2015)
  • Six-valley model for valence band (SNW 2015)
  • Spin-orbit correction (IEDM 2015)
  • Cloud-enhanced TCAD (SISPAD 2015)
  • Layout-based structure generation (SISPAD 2015)
  • Phase-space BTE solver (IEDM 2015)
  • QTBM band-to-band tunneling (IEDM 2015) 


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