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TCAD, as Individual as Your Demands

ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Krakòw: Multi-physics Modeling

GTS CTO Z. Stanojević chairing session 3/C2L-G

SISPAD 2019 Udine, Italy

  • 3D Flow: Variability in V-NAND Flash Memory
  • Visit GTS booth, meet CEO & CTO

New Christian Doppler Lab on single defect spectroscopy in semiconductor devices

TU Wien, Infineon Technologies AG, ams AG and Global TCAD Solutions GmbH are working together on understanding the physics of gate oxide reliability in semiconductor devices

GTS Framework 2018.09

  • TCAD in DTCO
  • Self-heating (SH) simulation for logic cells
  • Germanium gate-all-around arch. (GAA)

GTS Nano Device Simulator

  • True predictive physical simulation
  • Nano devices, new materials & architectures
  • The suite for Path-Finding TCAD

下世代專業 EDA / TCAD 軟體

歡迎您閱覽 GTS 網頁,Global TCAD Solution 是個專業的 TCAD 軟體,在元件與電路模擬上,提供簡易操作之使用者界面與高速之計算能力。

Classical and Quantum-mechanical Device Simulation

根據最新的研究技術, GTS首創提供Schroedinger-Poisson的研究模擬,可滿足r&d與工業量產的需求。對初學者來說,GTS簡單易學的使用者界面,比起其他TCAD軟體,不僅容易操作,而且更快得到結果。在GTS Framework中, 您可擁有:

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